Imperialism on trial: the big lie

Independent journalism threatens the fabric of imperialist society because the big lie underpins the imperialists’ entire economic model.

Proletarian TV

Proletarian TV

Ranjeet Brar, party spokesman of the CPGB-ML, speaks from the chair of the public anti-war meeting, Imperialism on Trial, held in London on 31 January 2018.

Before introducing Eva Bartlett, independent Canadian journalist, who was the main speaker at the event, Ranjeet gives an overview of the way the media was able to manipulate working-class opinion when it went to war against Libya, a country that most British people knew absolutely nothing about.

He points out how the imperialists have mastered the art of evoking people’s sympathy for their aims by using emotionally-charged human narratives that appear very convincing and lead us to feel that ‘something must be done’ to prevent the outrages that the enemies of imperialism are alleged to be committing against innocent civilians.

The truth is that these narratives are total fabrications – barefaced lies. In reality, it is the imperialists who are utterly brutal and casual with the lives of civilians in pursuit of their strategic aims. In true Goebbelsian fashion, they themselves are most guilty of the crimes of which they charge others.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and their lies are simply a series of psyops – psychological operations aimed at justifying their unjustifiable barbaric and aggressive wars.

Ranjeet points out that the imperialists pursue with cynical, single-minded, cold logic their agenda, which is nothing less than world domination. They cannot allow other nations, even capitalist ones, to have a free and independent existence that shuns the economic doctrine of free-market fundamentalism by which the imperialist corporations control every aspect of a country’s economy and social and political life.

The wars that the US wages have nothing to do with freedom, democracy of human rights and everything to do with crushing resistance to US imperialism’s domination plans.